Sit down please


Once in Greece, I accidental happened to be alone in a house with a -very nice- Greek woman, with whom I had this interesting conversation, caused by the fact that she didn´t speak any English, except one phrase.

Greek woman: Sit down please”.
Me: “Thank-you” (sitting down).


After some time, -in silence-, I tried to raise from the chair. At once the Greek woman repeated “Sit down please”. 
and I followed with a “Thank-you” and sat down again.

I was chained  to the chair, in the name of politeness, for a long time. Every movement I made was watched, in silence of-course. If I tried to raise, she would ask me to”Sit down please”. Luckily for me, an English speaking person came and saved me, -and her.


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  1. Movi on

    This story reminds me of a funy bill clinton commercial ” sit down bill! … stand up bill! ” 🙂

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