Autum Colours


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  1. Movi on

    This picture remind me of a special song for me:
    ATB – The autumn leaves

    “Who is the one to blame
    Why is it that you never say when your
    feeling leaves
    If you’re through with me
    As I’m walking through the rain,
    cold tears crawling down my face
    like the autumn leaves,
    on a windy day…”

  2. giiid on

    Dear Movi.
    Thankyou for sharing your song with me and many others. It is very sad, telling about disappointmen and the feeling of beeing left alone. I hope that it is long time ago, that your situation could be descibed by this words.

    I tryed to put your blog at my blogrool, but didn´t find the right way to do it, as long as I don´t have a direct link to your blog


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