Dec 7





I think we need something to eat now, after all these Nisser. Christmas lunch. December is a busy month in many ways, one of them is all the festive Christmas lunches one have to attend. At work, with family, with friends, with every group one is connected to. A Christmas lunch is as a matter of course. First dish is all kind of Herring and snaps – a 30 – 40 percent alcoholic drink. In small glass, – to empty in one try.

There are extra busses and trains to bring people safely home!

(photos from my other blog)

Dec 6



I looked for more Nisser and found a box with some made out of cones. I don´t know their origin, they might be some of my late mothers Christmas ornaments. Or perhaps they came all by themself, who knows.


Dec 5


Time to look at some “Nisser”. They seem to be in good mood, lets hope it will last.

Dec 4


Christmas-markets have become popular. This year the old castle “Kronborg” in Helsingør are inviting to a big market, and all kind of entertainment around the castle.





I´ll let “Visit Denmark” have the last word today:

“Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, north of Copenhagen, is one of northern Europe’s finest Renaissance castles. It is located at the entrance to Øresund and was built in 1574-1585.

Kronborg Castle is probably the most famous Danish castle, known worldwide from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.”


Dec 3


Brune kager (“brown cakes”) is a true Christmas biscuit. Butter, syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, wheat flour, almonds, potash. Lots of spices makes it easy not to eat too many. That can change by training, though.


Dec 2


Lots of fine trees everywhere, in all sizes and even ecological, for those who want this. But the best trees goes first, and for the lazy buyers, things can go really wrong…

Christmas tree special


Dec 1




So here is My Christmas calendar again, as promised. I should renew the topics a bit, not to repeat the same pictures year after year, but Nisser (pixie) is Nisser, and they look and behave as they always have. Same thing with Christmas biscuits and rice pudding, with the Gløg and Christmas lunches.

In other words, it’s all about the Danish Christmas tradition. I will try to see things from a different angle at least, and show photos from the streets. Here is the first Christmas event I’ve seen this year, a Gløg competition. With music accompaniment. I never found out who won, because the waiting time to get to taste it, was too long for my patience. But the music was fine.

Dec 1 2015

Autumn end


Last day of autumn. Tomorrow starts wintertime, lasting the next three months. Tomorrow is also the first day of the Christmas calendar, which I intend to make again, as I know that at least one other blogger are curious to see what the Nisse are up to, until December 24.