December 5

December 4

December 3

December 2

December 1

Another year have passed, and it is time for the Christmas calendar. I am not going to mention all the months without posts, at least not now – maybe no one even noticed anyway. Christmastime is here, and so are my calendar – if I find out how to use the new WordPress layout.

I wish you a very good and cozy december.

December 3

My mothers nisser

Christmas ornaments from the old box in the WordPress cellar.

December 2


It might sound a bit strange, but one need clay to improve the Christmas Spirit. I guess December is the best month for selling clay.

December 1

P1230856P1230860P12308642018-11-28 16.27.30P1230944

December and 24 busy days ahead. I was in perfect time when it comes to having cookies ready for guests coming this month, but that showed to be a bad disposition…

Fall is back

autumn tarding

Fall is back and I am back.
After having searched for my log on information for a long time, since WordPress apparently had given up every hope on further posts from my side, and locked me out. Or perhaps the locking out was caused by my old computer, which also sometimes choose to close everything, when the expectations and the ability doesn´t match together – just like we older people do now and then, when we realize that there is a black hole where there ought to be a codes and other important information.

We might have something in common, the computer and me, but when it comes to solving problems by having a nice cup of coffee, we are definitely opposites. Or… it might of course be a sure way to get a new updated computer. I´ll consider that.