Red onion

red onion with sprouts

January is a very dark month in Denmark. Rain, wind, snow, and often a gray sky – what a relief to find an onion who doesn’t care about all that, busy as it is with producing new sprouts. Spring seems to be somewhere, though still far away to the human eye.




Snow on red

snow on red kopi



December 24

Christmas eve

Danish Christmas. Dinner,dance and sing around the tree and then sharing gifts.
Merry Christmas.

December 23


This is a traditional Christmas pastry, filled with raisins, candied peel (sukat) and other good things.


December 22

christmastree sale Denmark

December 21

risengrod ricepudding 480X471

Risengrød – Ricepudding for people and for nisser. It is important to give the house nisse his rice pudding, otherwise he could be irritated and perhaps even mad. When we walk around the Christmas tree, we sing songs, one of them is about the nisse on the loft and his rice pudding. Well, I understand if you find such a song  a bit odd for Christmas eve, but the nisse is probably quite satisfied, and we got used to it.

Would you like to hear it? På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød

December 20

nisse with blue hat kopi

This nisse is a little special, because he is wearing a blue hat, and every one knows that it should be red…perhaps he is a foreign nisse? He is for sure planning something…


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