Happy Birthday

easterlilly on blue

A very Happy Birthday to my dear friend  Sumire.

Art on the floor

Tulip leaves on the floor kopi

Something is lying on the floor…what is is….oh, it´s a little piece of art.

Tulip leave 14s

We need colors!

tulip red yellow small
The winter is white, gray or black. We need colors. It´s time to find some at the archive.

A hostess gift

urtepotte hostess gift
I like my little hostess gift, a chrysanthemum to look at while waiting for the outdoor plants to wake up.

A vain visit…

birds visit

sorry, I didn’t hear you knocking!

Snow scraper

sneskraber kopi
A very effective snow scraper…

Red onion

red onion with sprouts

January is a very dark month in Denmark. Rain, wind, snow, and often a gray sky – what a relief to find an onion who doesn’t care about all that, busy as it is with producing new sprouts. Spring seems to be somewhere, though still far away to the human eye.




Snow on red

snow on red kopi


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